Benefits And Drawbacks Of Dealing With Hiring Firms

Nowadays it seems like the market is saturated with executive recruiting firms and due in large part to more and more companies popping up every day, some of these firms have boasted about their pricing schemes which on the surface appear to be far more competitive to established companies. While it might be tempting to find recruiting firms on the cheap, most economists warn that such companies offer competitive rates at the expense of potential services rendered. In the end this can cost you the same amount of time and money that you would have invested having gone through the process of hiring internally. So the question then becomes, how can you tell if a recruiting firm find you the best candidate for the chief financial officer you’re looking for, from those that are wasting your time?

#1. Industry Specific Expertise

Unless you’re looking to fill lower level positions, you’re going to want to hire a company that has expertise in your individual industry. This is imperative because recruiting firms are looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. It’s assumed that you’ve gone through the process yourself, and haven’t found the right candidate, but a good recruiting firm has access to information that you don’t have access to. They need look at this web-site that information be broad enough to consider options you haven’t considered, but specific enough to meet why not check here your individual needs, and that may very well mean finding a hire that isn’t necessarily looking for a job.

#2. Good Recruiting Firms Offer a Guarantee

If you’ve hired a recruiting firm on an exclusive basis, then there should be some guarantee involved. Why? Because you are paying them a lot of (extra) money to retain their services exclusively, and if they can’t guarantee they’ll find the right candidate for the job, then they’re probably not confident in their ability to fill the job.

#3. Don’t Disappear After the Vacancy has been Filled

Boasting a 100% placement rate is all well and good, but the real question about whether or not a candidate is a good fit for a company is a question of retention. Otherwise, you’ve wasted a lot of money and have to start the entire process all over again from scratch. The job of the recruiting firm isn’t just to hire a candidate that meets the necessary qualifications, but to figure out if the candidate is the right match for the culture of the company. The best recruiting firms will check in for the first 6 months after placing a candidate to make certain that everyone is happy with the fit. It’s very important to realize that some corners cannot be cut in terms of quality, and those that are will generally end up costing you more in the long run.

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